■ 69 Year Old Wife, 79 Year Old Husband

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Age at date of marriage:
Education at Marriage:
Employment at Marriage:
Residency before Marriage:
Place of Marriage:
Cause of Marriage:
Traditional Marriage:
Mahr (dowry):
Residence of Marriage:
Length of Marriage:
Child of Marriage:
Age at date of filing for divorce:
Cause of Divorce:
Spousal support, temporary:
Division of assets:

Division of Debt:
Length of divorce proceeding:
Cost of divorce proceeding:

Iranian, Husband & Wife
Wife 19, Husband 29
Wife & Husband high-school diploma
Wife housewife, Husband in sales business
Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran
Family & religious ties, both Jewish
Jewish marriage
Tehran, 30 years, California 20 years
50 years
2 sons, 2 daughters, all married
Wife 66, Husband 75
Control of family assets
Not an issue, Husband unemployed
Husband claimed all. Believed Wife and
adult son misappropriated family funds,
while he was in jail in Iran

Not an issue. No appreciable debt
Husband claimed Wife and oldest son owe $4,000,000.00
4 years
Approximately $150,000 each party

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