Expert Testimony

Since emigrating from Iran, Mr. Hadjian has remained in continuous contact with the Iranian law and legal community through his former friends and associates. He has received and reviewed new additions to Iranian laws under the republican system. His access and expert knowledge of Iranian law and procedure is one of the sources of reference for many Americans and Iranians in the United States. The following is a partial list of Expert Testimonies conducted by Mr. Hadjian since year 2002:

IRMO Saadat, BD 413061, Los Angeles (02/2009), Jurisdiction and choice of Law under Iranian Civil Code.    

IRMO Ghaffari,, SDR0022155, Sacramento (01/2009), validity of Dowry & Choice of Law under Iranian Law. 

IRMO Ghaemi, C-843435, Alameda County (07/2008), existence of property in Iran;

IRMO Behbehani, 05D009619, Orange County (02/2007), finality of divorce action in Iran;

IRMO Rostami, 06D008352, Orange County  (12/2006), finality of divorce action in Iran;

IRMO Zeini, BD 387578, Los Angeles County  (01/2005), visitation with minor child in Iran;

Fell v. Baghai, JAM Mediation #1220028219 (2004), cultural aspects of formation of contract;

IRMO Radnejand, 641483-3,  Fresno County (2003), validity of  Dowry;

IRMO Rastegar, D96-035323, Contra Costa County (2002), validity of Dowry.