Divorce In California

Divorce In California by Abbas Hadjian“Talagh Dar California” “Divorce In California”, written by attorney Abbas Hadjian, a California family law practitioner, is a unique guide to the requirements, procedures, results and consequences of dissolution and annulment of marriages and legal separation in California. It is the first Farsi language publication in California directly and exclusively explaining and discussing the subject in California. It is an effort to simplify the complicated and ever-changing process and results of California divorce and separation for Farsi-speaking readers.

The book is forwarded by “Introduction and Warning” discussing the apparent reasons behind the increasing incidents of divorce among Iranians and other Farsi-speaking residents of California. Mr. Hadjian believes that misunderstanding of the law and differences in personal, social, cultural, political and philosophical values of grooms and brides rushing to marry across cultural and geographical boundaries are among the major contributors to the short life of Farsi-speaking marriages in California.

A comprehensive index helps the reader find the areas of immediate concern and interest. The book is divided into five chapters.

Chapter 1:
The requirements of valid marriage, residency and grounds for dissolution and annulment of marriages and legal separation.

Chapter 2:
The 13 procedural steps, from filing the Petition to seeking Appeal.

Chapter 3:
Results, division of property, spousal support, child support, custody and visitation.

Chapter 4:
The Summary Dissolution

Chapter 5:
48 up-to-date Forms, mostly mandatory, required for starting and completing a dissolution of marriage in California. The book is fully annotated with California Family Code and, at the end of each chapter, the major California cases related to the issues discussed are listed and summarized.

The book is a must-read for every Farsi-speaking bride or groom who live in Iran and other Farsi-speaking countries, and wish to meet and marry a California man or woman and move to the United States. It is equally a must-read for any Farsi-speaking California couple who are married, facing difficulties in marital relationships and are in need of a reliable source of information on the formalities and outcome of the California divorce process.

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