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Abbas Hadjian on KIRN: Sept. 4, 2020

2020 09 04 KIRN Tansif: قانون تنصیف در ایران

Tansif: قانونتنصیفدرایران

.قانون تنصیف در ایران ، قدم تازه به سمت مشارکت در اموال دوران ازدواج . درصورتی که طلاق به تقاضا یا تقصیر زن نباشد، نصف اموال دوران ازدواج به او خواهد رسید A newly approved Iranian Law now allows Wives to share properties acquired by Husbands during the marriage. The Law of “Tansif” reconciles, on limited basis, the Form and Equitable ownership of the marital property.

Abbas Hadjian on KIRN: Aug 7, 2020

قانون خانواده کالیفرنیا به‌‌‌ زبان فارسی

Unorthodox Marriage & issues: ازدواجغیر‌سنتی،مسائلخاص

ازدواج غیر سنتی در جامعه ایرانی‌ : در ازدواج دو مرد اختلاف اصلی‌ بر سر تقسیم اموال است. در .ازدواج دو زن اثبات رابطه مادر- فرزندی است Special Issues in the Same Sex Marriage, Persian Style: Between two married men, the main issues are Separate and Community Properties. Between two married women the main issues are motherhood and custody of child(ren).

Abbas Hadjian on KIRN: Jun 9, 2017

Abbas Hadjian Esq on KIRN Jun 9 2017

Rights and Duties:
RIGHTS: Equal share in Present and Future Properties, i.e. House, Savings, Cars, Retirements, Stocks. Support (Spousal and Child Support). Attorney Fees and Costs, on balancing. DUTIES: Equal share in Community Debts, in the name of one or both spouses.

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq. on KIRN: Oct 16, 2015

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq on KIRN: Oct 16, 2015

Marital Duties in California vs. Iran: Property Rights During the Marriage Community vs. Non-Community Regimes; Property Rights before, during and after Marriage; Ownership of Community and Separate Properties Q&A: Requirements for Registering California Marriage with Iranian Government

CALIFORNIA: Offer to Compromise Joint Claims, May Be Made to Either Spouse

Offer to Compromise Joint Claims

In California, an offer by a Defendant to settle joint claims of a Husband and Wife (under California Code of Civil Procedure 998) may be made to either of them even if the claims are not identical.

This is because recovery from claims of spouses is a community asset (under Family Code Section 760) and either of the spouses have absolute power to  accept or reject such an offer (under Family Code Section 1100(a).

Of course, the non-accepting spouse may have a claim for breach of fiduciary duty against the accepting spouse, for improper compromise of community’s claim (under Family  Code Section 1100 (e)).

In the Case of  Barnett et Al., V. First National Insurance Company of America (2010) 184 Cal. App. 4th 1454, filed May 26, 2010, the Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District, Division Seven (Los Angels) reversed a prior decision by the same Court (Weinberg v. Safeco Ins. Co. of America (2004) 114 Cal.App.4th 1075), which required separate offer to each spouse. The Court admitted that in reaching the prior decision, it did not consider the effects of the California community property law on the joint offers.