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Abbas Hadjian on KIRN: Oct 13, 2017

40 Divorces Which Changed California Family Law Marriage Of Kalinawan (2017): Hazards Of Nevada Divorces And California “Green Card” Marriages. Collecting Information About Assets And Debts Before Filing For Divorce

Abbas Hadjian on KIRN: Jun 2, 2017

Abbas Hadjian Esq on KIRN Jun 2 2017

Marriage of Immigrants: Effect Of The “Affidavit Of Support” On Short-term Marriages; Possibility Of Cancellation Of Federal Work Permit “The Green Card” Upon California Divorce; Finality Of Divorce In Iran Between California Residents

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq. on KIRN: Feb 20, 2015

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian, Esq. on KIRN: Feb 20, 2015

Right of Spouse in Premarital House, Change of Title, With or Without Loan Q&A: Right of Defendant to continue Ex-Parte Request for Temporary Restraining Order; Petition for Divorce from Iran: Effect of self-supporting Affidavit of Support for Green Card in California Divorce process..