The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC

About the Firm

Abbas Hadjian, Esq.,

Abbas Hadjian, Esq.,

A.A.M.L.; I.A.F.L.; C.F.L.S.

The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC is a law firm in Encino, CA with specialties in Family Law Litigation, Mediation, and Expert Iranian Law and Documents.

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We have also established the following:

  • Dowry-Mahr in U.S. Courts: a website which lists divorce cases involving dowry or “mahr” in the U.S., with summaries and analysis.
  • Cultural Competency in Family Practice: a series of events organized which are presented and sponsored by major public and private legal institutions, and bring together family law judges, attorneys, psychologists and financial experts for participation in topic discussion.