The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC

The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC provides family law legal services with a high level of expertise to cultural divorce cases. We provide Mediation and Consulting on cases involving international marriages which are being brought to U.S. divorce courts. We often brought into cases to provide Expert Testimony on Iranian family law and documents for issues arising often in Islamic marriage divorce cases pertaining to dowry / mahr, property, child custody, and child and spousal support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Abbas Hadjian’s legal specialties within California Family Law?

    The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC has extensive experience in international family law Litigation and Mediation under California family law including divorce, separation, property division, child custody and support, international marriage and property issues, among others. Read more about legal services…

  • Where can I find an expert in Iranian mahr and dowry in U.S. divorce and separation?

    The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC provides Expert Testimony on Iranian mahr and dowry in the U.S. With unique expertise in Iranian Law and Documents relating to divorce and separation, the firm is renown for providing expert testimony and expert analysis in cases involving cultural and international family law clients. Read more about Iranian Law expertise…

  • Does Abbas Hadjian, APC speak Farsi?

    Yes, The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC speaks, reads and writes Farsi. We also have a weekly radio show in Farsi discussing legal issues within our areas of expertise, available here: نيمروز ادينه Radio Iran, KIRN 670 AM, Los Angeles, California: “Nimrooz Adineh Ba Abbas Hadjian”
    and on Youtube and Facebook. Read more…