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Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq. on KIRN: May 8, 2015

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq on KIRN: May 8, 2015

Let’s Go to the Court: Voluntary Exchange of Declaration of Disclosure, Basis for Difference with Iranian Law Community vs. Separate Assets, Debts, Income & Expense, Forms: FL-142 & FL-150 Q&A: Effect of immigration to the U.S. as a Married Person on subsequent divorce in California. Need for obtaining California divorce in addition to the Iranian or religious divorces

Abbas Hadjian on California Family Law, Part II

California Family Law

Division 1: Rights and Obligations Prior to Marriage
Part 3: Obligation of Debt

Topic was obligations (Debts) of non-married parties. In addition, I responded to two questions: Effect of Quit Claim Deed during the marriage (Answer: ineffective if not intended to transfer share of property), and 2) Division of Business Opportunity created during the marriage, expanded thereafter (Answer: Part community/part separate property).