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Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq. on KIRN: Jan 9, 2015

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian, Esq. on KIRN: Jan 9, 2015

Expansion of D.V. Law, Q&A Expansion of D.V. law in California: Non-physical injury; Affidavit only; Length of “most recent abuse”; Court’s reasons for denial. Child support after age of 18; Spousal support based on $3,500.00 in long term marriage; Living together in California after Iranian divorce; Time and contents of Prenuptial Agreements.نیمروز آدینه‌ با عباس حاجیان۰۱توسعه قانون خشونت خانوادگی در کالیفرنیا: خشونت غیر جسمی‌ ؛ نداشتن شاهد یا گزارش پلیس؛ زمان تکرار خشونت؛ وظیفه دادگاه در توضیح ردّ تقاضا ۰۲ پاسخ به پرسش ها: حمایت فرزند بعد از سنّ ۱۸ سال؛ میزان حمایت همسر در ازدواج‌ دراز مدت، درآمد ۳۵۰۰$; زندگی‌ در کالیفرنیا بعد از طلاق در ایران؛ زمان و موضوع قرادادهای قبل از ازدواج


Divorcing Husband made threatening phone calls to Wife. Wife requested Domestic Violence Protection. Denied. Reversed on Appeal (Nakamura, 2007).

Abbas Hadjian on California Family Law, Part VI

California Family Law

Division 2: Rights and Obligations During Marriage
Right and Obligation affecting Validity of Marriage

Abbas Hadjian discusses the California Family Law and issues in 3 Divisions: “Before”, “During” and “After” marriage.

In Division 2 (starting with this program), Mr. Hadjian begins with general premises that the law creates 4 rights (and obligations) among spouses, “Support”, “Intimate Relationship”, “Respect”, and “Loyalty”.

Mr. Hadjian believes that these rights are implied in many parts of the California Family Law including “domestic violence”, “annulment” and “dissolution” of the marriage.

In this program, Mr. Hadjian discusses rights and obligations of spouse that if violated, it will render the marriage as if non-existed, such as fraud in entering the marriage, lack of intent to have intimate relationship, or failure to disclose inability to have a child. These violations bring the validity of marriage into question.