The Law Offices of Abbas Hadjian, APC

Abbas Hadjian provides expert testimony on Iran dowry – mahr, documents, and civil procedure. Since emigrating to the U.S. from Iran, Abbas Hadjian has remained in continuous contact with the law and legal community in Iran through his former associates and friends. He receives updates and new additions to laws under Iran’s republican system. Abbas Hadjian provides Expert Testimony in U.S. legal cases due to his knowledge of Iran law and procedure, and access to resources in Iran. He serves as a source of reference for many Americans and Iranians in the United States through his expert testimony as well as events, recordings, and writings, such as the following:

Expert Testimony Iran Mahr

Abbas Hadjian publishes a list of U.S. cases which involve Iran Dowry – Mahr in the U.S. on

His radio show, “Nimrooz Adineh Ba Abbas Hadjian” on Radio Iran, KIRN 670 AM, Los Angeles features a discussion of family law issues, often involving Iran dowry – mahr.

He produces an annual event in California,, which is an educational project dedicated to the study of culture and its impact on family law litigation. The annual seminar events are presented and sponsored by major public and private legal institutions, and bring together family law judges, attorneys, psychologists and financial experts for participation in topic discussion. The first seminar was held in 2013, and has continued each year since, with events since 2020 held virtually.

To enquire about receiving Expert Testimony from Abbas Hadjian for a legal proceeding, please call or write using the contact page.

Expert Testimony Partial List

The following is a partial list of cases in which Abbas Hadjian provided Expert Testimony:

  • IRMO Moghaddam & Jafarshai, 18FL013759C, Prevention of Child Abduction to Iran , San Diego County (2019);
  • IRMO Mohammady & Afshangol, 17STFL07851, Characterization & Evaluation of Marital Property, LA County (2019);
  • IRMO Khani & Navid, 17D007632, Authentication of Iranian Documents, Orange County (2019);
  • IRMO Azadvari & Arshon, D564447, Validity of Iranian Marriage, San Diego County (2018);
  • IRMO Jarrahy & Davis, 18STFL05701, Validity of Informal Iranian Marriage in New York, Los Angeles County (2018);
  • IRMO Moshtaghi & Mottahedan,17D006652, Motion To Quash based on pending proceeding in Iran, Orange County (2018);
  • IRMO Kambiz Yadegar, BD628505, Validity of Iranian divorce, Los Angeles County (2017);
  • IRMO Karimi & FTB, BC 643202, Confirmation of Iranian real estate transaction, Los Angeles County (2017);
  • IRMO Tourani, GD 055949, Validity of Temporary Iranian Marriage and Legal Documents, Los Angeles County (2017);
  • IRMO Zoka, 18STFL00943, Validity of Iranian Dowry, Los Angeles County (2017);
  • In Re Soleimani & IRS, 8884-13, USTC, confirmation of Iranian real estate transaction, New York (2017).
  • IRMO Faridzadeh & Afshar, BD 643019, Court Appointed Expert, Validity of Iranian Divorce, Los Angeles County (2016)
  • IRMO Hashemi & Khosrobeigi, 6-12-FL007902, Validity Iranian real estate records, County of Santa Clara (2016)
  • Estate of Bina, Validity of Iranian Divorce, Los Angeles County (2016)
  • IRMO Kaviani, A-13-683565, Validity of Temporary Iranian Marriage and Legal Documents, Clark County Nevada, (2016)
  • A.F. I., LLC,vs. B. YASMEH et al., BC 516973, Culture in Iranian Contracts, Los Angeles County (2015)
  • IRMO Hashemi & Khosrobeigi, 6-12-FL007902, Validity Iranian real estate/ Dowry, County of Santa Clara (2015)
  • Estate of Lessani, 30-2013-00678790, Validity of Iranian Marriage, Orange County (2015)
  • IRMO Javaherian, BD601157, Validity of Iranian Divorce, Los Angeles County (2015)
  • IRMO Safaie (Khashayar) & Khashayar, D93-04344, transfer of property in Iran, County of Contra Costa (2013).
  • IRMO Niaki & Zelli, 08D002436, Validity of Iranian Dowry, Orange County, California (2012).
  • IRMO Ghaiiemamani and Zandi, FD 2009-1049, Validity of Iranian Dowry & Marital Booklet, Tulsa, Oklahoma (2010).
  • IRMO Saadat, BD 413061, Los Angeles (02/2009), Jurisdiction and choice of Law under Iranian Civil Code.    
  • IRMO Ghaffari,, SDR0022155, Sacramento (01/2009), validity of Dowry & Choice of Law under Iranian Law. 
  • IRMO Ghaemi, C-843435, Alameda County (07/2008), existence of property in Iran;
  • IRMO Behbehani, 05D009619, Orange County (02/2007), finality of divorce action in Iran;
  • IRMO Rostami, 06D008352, Orange County  (12/2006), finality of divorce action in Iran;
  • IRMO Zeini, BD 387578, Los Angeles County  (01/2005), visitation with minor child in Iran;
  • Fell v. Baghai, JAM Mediation #1220028219 (2004), cultural aspects of formation of contract;
  • IRMO Radnejand, 641483-3,  Fresno County (2003), validity of  Dowry;
  • IRMO Rastegar, D96-035323, Contra Costa County (2002), validity of Dowry.