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Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian Esq. on KIRN: Jan 2, 2015

Friday Noon with Abbas Hadjian, Esq. on KIRN: Jan 2, 2015

New California Laws, Preparation for Marriage Across the International Borders, Prenuptial Agreements, Dowry, Wedding costs, Gifts… اولین برنامه سال ۲۰۱۵: ۱.قوانین جدید کالیفرنیا، ۲. مسائل کلی‌ ازدواج‌: قرارداد قبل از ازدواج، مهریه، نامزدی و عقد در ایران، هزینه عروسی و ازدواج، هدایای نامزدی و ازدواج‌، ….

Abbas Hadjian on California Family Law, Part VI

California Family Law

Division 2: Rights and Obligations During Marriage
Right and Obligation affecting Validity of Marriage

Abbas Hadjian discusses the California Family Law and issues in 3 Divisions: “Before”, “During” and “After” marriage.

In Division 2 (starting with this program), Mr. Hadjian begins with general premises that the law creates 4 rights (and obligations) among spouses, “Support”, “Intimate Relationship”, “Respect”, and “Loyalty”.

Mr. Hadjian believes that these rights are implied in many parts of the California Family Law including “domestic violence”, “annulment” and “dissolution” of the marriage.

In this program, Mr. Hadjian discusses rights and obligations of spouse that if violated, it will render the marriage as if non-existed, such as fraud in entering the marriage, lack of intent to have intimate relationship, or failure to disclose inability to have a child. These violations bring the validity of marriage into question.

Abbas Hadjian on California Family Law, Part IV

California Family Law

Division 1:  Rights and Obligations Prior to Marriage
Part 4: Common Law Marriage

In this program Abbas Hadjian explains the rights and obligations which arise from Common Law Marriages. Mr. Hadjian list the states who recognize the Common Law marriages, compares Common Law marriage with the Iranian “Temporary Marriage”, and discusses effect of Common Law marriages in California (where it is invalid) with the state that are valid.