California's Top Family Lawyers Abbas Hadjian

California’s Top Family Lawyers 2023 List

The California’s Top Family Lawyers 2023 list has been released by The Daily Journal, a publication for California legal professionals. 

Abbas Hadjian is included on the list and profiled in a full page article by the magazine’s Don DeBenetictis. He shares the journey of his long legal career which began in Iran, and after he began practicing law in the U.S. in 1988.

The following are highlights of Abbas’ extensive legal career which is detailed throughout the pages within this site, and may be referenced at:

As a native Farsi speaker, Abbas Hadjian has represented Iranians in family law issues here, and served as a court appointed mediator. 

He has provided expert witness testimony on an extensive list of family law cases involving validity of Iranian marriage, dowry (mahr), and property. 

He finds that mediation is well suited for international cases, due the differences in international law and culture. For example, divorces granted to Iranians in the U.S. are not enforceable in Iran, but mediated agreements between spouses are. Abbas recommends to his clients that – should both parties be amenable to agreement, then mediation can be the most efficient means for handling matters. 

With an acute understanding of cross cultural differences which can lead to misunderstandings, Abbas Hadjian is able to provide insight to the handling of multi cultural legal issues. 

Abbas Hadjian is honored to be among California’s Top Family Lawyers for 2023.

California’s Top Family Lawyers 2023

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