Cultural Date of Marriage

Cultural Date of Marriage – Cultural Divorce Part VI

Cultural Date of Marriage is the sixth of Abbas Hadjian’s CULTURALLY SPEAKING series published In The Daily Journal.

I believe Cultural interest and attributions to the marriage created before it’s solemnization and regeneration. Considering California’s Date of Marriage as the start of a relationship violates and ignores its true cultural components.

A California divorce attorney and a California cultural client will see many questions in the Petition for Dissolution (FL-100) and reach different answers. One is in Box 3.a.(1): “Date of Marriage.” The other one is in Box 3.a.(2): “Date of Separation.”

Hadjian, Abbas. (2023, June 5). Cultural Divorce, Part VI: Cultural Date of Marriage. The Daily Journal.

Past recordings of Abbas Hadjian’s radio show “Nimrooz Adineh Ba Abbas Hadjian” discusses cultural marriage, dowry, mahr, and cultural divorce in Farsi.

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