Cultural Divorce Part II

Cultural Divorce Part II: Not all interviews are made equal

Cultural Divorce Part II: Not all interviews are made equal is the second of Abbas Hadjian’s CULTURALLY SPEAKING series published in The Daily Journal.

In Cultural Divorce Part II, Abbas Hadjian provides more detail of issues to be considered and processes to be modified when handling cultural divorces. This begins with awareness and careful steps to be followed with a commitment to the processes required to handle clients with cultural sensitivity.

While the client may possess high intellect and education, he makes a point of dispelling assumptions that it provides a straightforward understanding of the divorce process and legal system. He emphasizes the influence that linguistics and cultural attitudes have on the understanding of the divorce process, and suggests a refined approach for communicating with them meaningfully.   

As the title “Culturally Speaking” suggests, words and their inferred definitions are greatly influenced by language and culture. Abbas provides an overview of terminology which can have completely different meanings to individuals based on the cultural norms of their society. Such terms as “Right”, “Forbidden”, “Good”, “Bad” are only the beginning of terms which can have different meanings to different people. 

Terms which relate to more sensitive topics can be more complex to communicate and to interpret the intended meaning of, for both practitioner and client. Not only are the translations from English to one among five thousand languages often impossible to align literally, but the meanings, connotations, and nuances attached to terms are differ based on a client’s cultural origins. 

Depending on a Party’s lifestyle, social activities, and finances, the chances are that a culturally sensitive Client does not believe in marriage equality or community property. The male-female hierarchy is a culturally sanctioned tradition. Financial rights and obligations of married persons are viewed through the “Head of Family” lens…

Further, this article by Abbas Hadjian provides tips on interviewing and gathering information from cultural clients, including gender considerations, how to dress, and how to accommodate them with cultural awareness and courtesy. Recommended protocols are listed as part of the Step-by-Step Blueprint to be covered in the series.

Hadjian, Abbas. (2023, April 3). CULTURALLY SPEAKING – Cultural Divorce Part II: Not All Interviews Are Made Equal. The Daily Journal.

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