photo of Abbas Hadjian, Iranian Civil Law mahr divorce

Iranian Civil Law and Procedure

Abbas Hadjian is a legal expert in Iranian civil law and procedure. In Iranian family law, he has in-depth knowledge on dowry / mahr, and cultural divorce. As a bi-lingual Farsi / English speaker, he remains informed about Iranian civil law changes in Iran which will affect families who are divorcing, separating, or in disagreement about child custody and property. For over 35 years, Abbas Hadjian Esq. has practiced family law in California, organized cultural education in the legal community, and hosted radio and television programs which provide analysis of international family law scenarios. Abbas Hadjian is a consultant who is a resource to attorneys, judges, and analysts internationally.

Here are some of the works produced by Abbas Hadjian pertaining to Iranian Family Law and Culture issues.

  • Founded the website Dowry-Mahr in U.S. Courts analyzing Iranian mahr cases in the U.S.
  • Has produced 11 Annual Conferences of Cultural Competency in Family Law – Annual Event featuring family law judges, mediators, psychologists, and attorneys. (2013 – present).
  • He published a divorce self-help book in Farsi, entitled “Divorce in California” (2001).
  • Publishes Culturally Speaking, a column providing insight on cultural divorces published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

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