Webinar 12/15/16 : Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice CLE

Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice: Followers & Leaders, Marital Rights and Duties

Abbas Hadjian will moderate a Continuing Legal Education Webinar on December 15, 2016.

In California spouses have equal right to the marital fortunes and enjoy post-marital support based on the factors shaped by the California style of living. But not every jurisdiction follows the California model and not all spouses enjoy a lifestyle based on mutual and equal rights.

In the Marriage Rights and Duties Panel of the Cultural Competency Seminar, speakers with diverse legal backgrounds, rooted in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, will provide us with alternatives recognized under California law. They will make us think twice when preparing our next RFO or Trial Brief for the clients born and raised under different cultures.

Details and registration are on the State Bar of California website: https://calbar.inreachce.com/Details?groupId=03e6311e-708c-41c4-9221-639ad640b60f

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