ABBAS HADJIAN, is a bi‑lingual (Farsi & English) California Certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the Board of Legal Specialization, of the State Bar of California. Mr. Hadjian’s practice is limited to litigation of complicated Family Law issues, and private or Court assigned mediation. Mr. Hadjian is also a reputable expert in Iranian Civil and Family Law and Procedure, and provides legal assistance on the Web and on T.V. programs broadcasted world wide. Mr. Hadjian is author of Divorce in California, a self‑help divorce guidance published in 2000.

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Mr. Hadjian is the Author of  Children of Shari’a, an in-depth explanation of how child custody, spousal and child support are handled depending upon the applicable jurisprudence within varied sects of Islamic law. The article has been published in various media, including:

Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, April 2013
The Family Law News, September 2013
The IAML, November 2013, http://www.iaml.org/library/articles/religious-divorce/index.html