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Abbas Hadjian is a Top Family Lawyer of 2024!

Abbas Hadjian is a Top Family Lawyer of 2024

Abbas Hadjian is a Top Family Lawyer of 2024, as recognized and featured in a special report by The Daily Journal focused on the best lawyers in California working in divorce and custody.

Abbas Hadjian has been practicing law in California for over thirty years, but his specialty wasn’t always in family law. In this feature he tells the story of an interesting case which influenced his decision to specialize in family law.

Upon winning an increase in spousal support for his client, a divorced woman from Iran, he expected nothing more than to receive his fee which at the time was modest. To his surprise the court contracted him for a sum which was four times his fee to discover additional facts regarding the ex-husband’s opaque financial status in Iran. What Hadjian found was a misappropriation of community assets, resulting in the ex-husband making a generous settlement with the client. He went on to become a Certified Family Law Specialist, and wrote a book in Farsi entitled “Divorce In California” so that he could help other Iranian Americans through the divorce process.

The Daily Journal. (2024, March 20). Top Family Lawyers 2024. Reprinted with permission from the Daily Journal.© 2024 Daily Journal Corporation. All rights reserved.

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