Time to Retool Your Dowry Ware

Time to Retool Your Dowry Ware

Time to Retool Your Dowry Ware, Cultural Divorce Part XI is part of Abbas Hadjian’s Culturally Speaking column in The Daily Journal.

by Abbas Hadjian, CFLS, AAML, IAFL, Family Law Attorney and Founder of Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice

California trails other states in recognizing cultural marriage contracts and pre-marital agreements such as dowry and mahr. Despite the maturity of its statehood and diversity of its population, judicial opinions on cultural marriage cases have been less informed than expected.

Notable cases discussed are:

  • Alulddin v. Alfartous – Arizona (2023)
  • Nouri v. Dadgar – Maryland (2020)
  • Noghrey – California (1985)
  • Dajani – California (1988)
  • Shaban – California (2001)
  • Turfe – California (2018)

The Culturally Speaking column provides a step-by-step blueprint for more tolerable and lasting cultural divorces. It benefits partially from more than five decades of studies by its author in two legal systems.

Hadjian, Abbas. (2023, August 21). Cultural Divorce, Part XI: Time to Retool Your Dowry Ware. The Daily Journal. https://www.dailyjournal.com/articles/374351-cultural-divorce-time-to-retool-your-dowry-ware.

Abbas Hadjian has also written about these cases on Dowry-Mahr.com, regarding issues of Islamic Law, dowry and mahr.

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